Patio Heater require regular maintenance and should be serviced at least annually.
It is important that regular service is performed to insure that your heaters are working at their peek efficiency. Insect eggs, cobbwebs, dirt and environmental corrosion can effect safety and efficiency and even make the heater inoperatable. It is best to have a qualified service technician service your heater before the start of the heating season or after a long period of disuse.

Heater Safety

Propane Portable Patio Heater Safety

A270 Heaters should only be installed by a professional with specifc experience with this type of heater. This heater should be inspected and maintained, at least annually, by a professional with specific experience with this type of heater. If the patio is remodeled the necessary clearances and other requirements must be reviewed. The owner should read and maintain a copy of the heater instructions.

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