Types of Infrared Heaters

Low Intensity Tube Heaters:
Sometimes referred to as positive/negative pressure heaters, tube heaters, radiant heaters, stick heaters, tube brooders or pipe heaters.

  • Hot exhaust gases travel through the inside of the tube resulting in tube surface temperatures up to 1100°F, which is considered low-intensity.
  • Generally theses heaters are vented and have the capability to use fresh air for combustion.
  • Low intensity tube heaters are the most popular choice for total building heat.

Patio Heaters:
Sometimes referred to as suspended, radiant, mushroom style, free standing or decorative patio heaters.

  • Ceramic or stainless steel radiant emitters.
  • Designed to heat a concentrated outdoor area.
  • Permanent or portable products that may be deck mounted or suspended

High Intensity Ceramic Heaters:
Sometimes referred to as – box heaters, spot heaters, luminous heaters, radiant heaters or plaque heaters.

  • Combustion takes place on a ceramic tile surface with surface temperatures of approximately 1800°F. Higher temperatures produced by this equipment means they must have a higher clearance to combustibles.
  • Direct-fired operation releases products of combustion into a properly ventilated heated space.
  • Often used in high bay or high air change applications.

Construction Heaters:
Sometimes referred to as spot heaters, portable construction heaters and tank top heaters. Heat turns a ceramic or stainless steel emitter red hot.

  • Used in spot heat applications and/or as warm up stations.
  • While commonly used in outdoor applications, units may also be used in industrial applications or temporarily used inside buildings under construction or repair.
  • At no time shall construction heaters be used in residential applications.

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