Sunglo Heater A244

The Sunglo™ model A244 suspended heater frees your deck by supporting heaters from above. The distinctive frame works well in a variety of decors. Optional automatic control systems make these heaters easy to operate even though they may be out of easy reach. Heat coverage varies depending on the wind exposure on patio. The average spacing between these heaters is 12 feet.

This heater is available with a variety of control systems. Each control system is equipped with 100% safety shutoff. The A244 is a manual heater requiring no electrical hookup. The A244-E offers a completely automated ignition system. A244-E requires an external 24 VAC source. NOTE: V series is no longer available

This heater offers a large deep aluminum disk reflector for maximum comfort, a primary aerated burner to minimize noise, and 100% safety shutoff. The wrought iron frame with classic metal scroll design comes in a black powder coat finish.

Sunglo Heater A244

Sunglo Heater A244 is ideal for the patio requiring free floor space.
Sunglo Heater A244 overhead mount allows for maximum floor space on your patio.

Sunglo Heater A244 Features:

  • 50,000 Btu/Hr
  • Suspended Mounting
  • Optional Electronic Ignition

Sunglo Heater A244 Technical Sheet

Sunglo Heater Instructions – 2020

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Heater Installation
Sunglo Heaters are intended to be installed by qualified personnel specifically trained and experienced in the installation of this type of heater and related system components. Some states or provinces require installation and service personnel to be licensed. If you state or province is such, be sure your contractor bears the appropriate license. Persons not qualified shall not attempt to install or repair this heater.
For Outdoor Use Only
Sunglo heaters are designed for outside use only. They are not for use in residential dwelling or other confined areas. Semi-enclosed patio are permissible provided they have adequate permanent openings around the patio periphery and meet the requirements for outdoors as defined in the installation instructions.
Clearance from Combustible Materials
Sunglo heaters all require a minimum distance from walls and ceilings. This is an important consideration before you purchase.  Refer to instructions for details
Clearance around the heater must be maintained.


Multiple heaters will provide overlapping coverage

Sunpak Heaters require adequate combustion air and ventilation to operate safely and efficiently. This requires openings above and below the level of the heater. Refer to the heater instructions for more detail.
Pipe Sizing
The inlet pipe size to the heater is 1/2 inch.  Larger pipe sizes maybe required depending on the distance from the gas meter and the total load capacity required for other gas appliances on the gas line.  Details regarding pipe sizing can be found in the Uniform Plumbing Code.

Gas Pressure
Sunglo Heaters require a minimum inlet pressure of 6″ water column for natural gas and 11″ water column for propane gas. Gas pressure should never exceed 1/2 PSI or 14″ water column. For gas pressures exceeding 1/2 PSI a high-pressure regulator is required before the gas enters the heater.
Agency Certification
Sunglo heaters are design certified by the CSA under the ANSI Z83.19 standard
Heater Gas Conversion
The factory does not support converting heaters to different gases. Each heater has been setup and tested for a specific gas type.  Please make sure you select the correct gas type, Natural or Propane gas, before making your purchase.