Sunglo Heater A270

Sunglo Heater A270

Sunglo Heater A270 portable propane heater is completely self-contained and is ideal for open patio designs.  This model offers the flexibility to move or remove heaters for your patio as needed.


Sunglo Heater A270 Specifications:

  • Self Contain Patio Heater
  • 40,000 Btu/Hr
  • Battery Operated Spark Ignition
  • No Electrical Requirement
  • Thermal Safety Shut-off
  • Propane Gas
  • Rain Protected
  • Wind Resistant
  • CSA Design Certified
  • 58 lbs Wt Base

Sunglo Heater A270


Sunglo Heater A270 Technical Sheet

60083 Floor Clamp Kit

A270 Instructions

Sunglo Heater A270 Color Selection

The Sunglo™ model A270 portable propane heater is ideal for open patio designs. The model offers the flexibility to move or remove the heaters as needed. Optional tie-down kit is available to secure heaters to patio deck where required. When used with a standard 20 pound propane cylinder, the heater can be operated continuously for approximately 6 hours. Heat coverage varies depending on the wind exposure on patio. The average spacing between these heaters is 12 feet apart.

This heater utilizes a manually operated control system requiring no electrical power. The battery operated DSI pilot ignition system makes lighting the pilot easy and convenient.

This heater offers a large aluminum disk reflector for maximum comfort, a primary aerated burner for minimal noise, and 100% safety shutoff. The post and cylinder cover are available in a variety of colors including black, green and bronze powder coat finishes or 304 stainless steel.